Summer Hike to the Allaire Dinos and Ground Campground (Aug 2021)

Summer Hike to the Allaire Dinos and Ground Campground (Aug 2021)

We took a nice 1.1-mile hike this summer to the dinos! We started near the group campground entrance, headed past the MTB jump area, stopped into the dinos, and walked through the group campground.

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Lots of Stoping

Starting Point: 4001 Squankum-Allenwood Road, Wall Township, New Jersey 08720 Directions
We parking off Squankum-Allenwood Road, just outside the Group Campground e...
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Here we go!

We started off our hike today at the "normal" starting point for the dinos. Specifically, in the parking areas just outside the group campground entrance. Instead of heading straight towards the dinos, we took a little bit of a longer route. Specifically, we followed the Blue and Orange lines on our Dino map...

After parking, we took the first trail to the right, wrapping toward that crazy mtb jump line near the parkway.


Into the dino forest...

Just past the MTB jumps, the trail splits. Staying left will bring you to the top of a small ridge. Cross straight across the trail at the top and and enter the Dino Forest.

Coming Home

We left the dino area and took a few unmarked trails towards the group campground. This brings you down into a valley and up into the first camp site. From here you can just take the trail back to the parking area.

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