You can a place for many different activities throughout Allaire State Park. You can camp, bike, walk, fish, hike, and explore.


If you are looking for a simple place to walk, the village is a great place to start. From the parking lot to the furthest building can be a simple 10 minute stroll along a paved path. You can also add a dirt trails (red) near the village. Many of these are just dirt roads and are rather flat without trees/roots/obsticles crossing the trail. And you can even jump onto the Edgar Felix/Capital to Coast Trail and walk as far as you like.

Another simple walk can be found on the northern side of the park, off off Hurley Pond Rd. You will find a wide crushed rock path (Yellow trail) that will eventually turn up a hill and around the campground, but you can just turn around form here and go back to the parking lot. If you do try to follow the Yellow trail all the way to the village you will run into a mucky and muddy mess. See our trails page for some info about this.

The Edgar Felix/Capital to Coast Trail starts on the west side of the village parking area, and continues all the way to the town of Manasquan. The paved path is very wide and great for a stroll.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

You can hike anywhere around the park, but are limited in where you can bike. So in this section we just want to mention the bestist place in the park to both Hike and Bike... the Multi-use trails. You will find very fun trails, some nice views of the river, and many areas that actually offer a bit of a challenge when on foot or on bike.

The multi-use trail area is on the southern side of the park, with the main trail-head located off Hospital Rd. If you take a look at the map, you should see this lot/bathroom. From this parking lot you can hit up a few trailheads:

  • Trail Map Kiosk: One side of the parking area will include a kiosk with a trail map and some park information. There are many marked trails from here, including the orange, blue and white. There is also a paved path to the RC fields.
  • Opposite the Kiosk: There is a trail leaving the parking area directly opposite from the map kiosk. This trail is well ridden, but not marked. It will brain you up and down to the river and back. It is a GREAt place to hike!
  • Across the Street: There are a few unmarked trails across Hospital Rd from the parking area that are just a lot of fun. Some will lead you down to the Manasquan... some will lead you to a biking jump area, some will bring you to the dinosaurs. It is a small, but VERY fun section of Allaire.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a lot of fun. And Allaire has a brand spanking new 18-Hole Disc Golf Course. Located off Atlantic Ave, between the Campground and Village, you can park for free and play any time that the park is open.


There are 2 campgrounds within Allaire:

  • Family Camping: The family campground is located off Atlantic Ave, just down the road from the Village. There are 45 tent and trailer sites, cabins, showers and flush toilets.
  • Group Camping: The group campground is on the southenr side of the park. There are 6 sites with a max between 25 and 50 people.

Remote Control Flying

The RC Flying Field is found within the Multi-use Area of the park. There is a large field for flying many types of planes. The only catch is that you must be a member of the RC Flying Club to fly here.


Fishing is allowed along the Manasquan River throughout the park. Just remember that you need a license to fish in any NJ water.

Fising access can be found in a few areas of the park:

  • Many folks park off Hospital Rd in the parking area next to the Manasquan River.
  • There is also access off Herbertsville Rd (near Circle A Riding). There is a gate here, but seems to be open during fishing season.
  • In the north-west side of the park you will find a small lot off Squankum Yellowbrook Rd. in Howell.

Lay Of The Land

Lay of the Land

A: Northern Section

Trails, Campgound, Fishing, More..

The area north of 195 starts with the main campground within the park. There are also a few trails and even fishing access off Squankum Yellowbrook Rd.

B: Central Section

Village, Railroad, Nature Center, Disc Golf, Trails, More..

The central area of the park is best known for the Historic Village and the Pine Creek Railroad. There are also a few also a disc golf course, nature center,

C: Southern: Trails

Trails, RC Flying Field, Fishing Access, More..

If you are looking for hills, single track, a bit more adventure than the village, the multiuse are is for you. Park off Hospital Rd and start your adventure.

D: Southern: Group Campground / Dinos

Group Campgound, Dinosaurs, Trails, More..

The group campground is very nice, with 6 open sites. You can also find a few very fun trails around this area, and maybe a few dinos :)